Police Files: Dec. 4, 2019

A Little Lightheaded

An officer arrived at the Oakland Center on Oct 21 to meet a student who called Oakland University Police dispatch to report a wellness check. The student was on the porch just outside the Oakland Center, seated at a table. The student told the officer that he felt kind of zoned out and that his body just kept falling down. He told the officer that he fell down by Dodge Hall and landed on his left arm and hand.

Auburn Hills Fire Department arrived on scene to assess the student, as the officer reported that he was not alert enough to assess or drive himself. The student refused transport to the hospital and instead had a friend, who was with him at the scene, drive him there. The scene was then cleared without further incident.

Vanishing License Plate

A student came into the OUPD station lobby to report a possible stolen license plate on Oct 28. She had already gone to the Oxford Police Department, and they informed her to come to OUPD since she was frequently parked there for class. She told officers she frequently parked in P-1 and P-29, and described the plate number and appearance. She was unable to provide a time that it went missing.

Officers looked at security footage, but all cameras were either not functioning or pointed in the wrong direction for further investigation.