Football cake pops: the perfect treat for any Super Bowl party

Dip the footballs in chocolate and stick them into the styrofoam cubes to dry.

I’ve always heard about these cute little treats and always assumed they were too difficult to make. However, I finally decided to give them a try, and not only are they easy to make, but they’re so delicious. These make for the perfect Super Bowl party.

Here’s what you will need:

  1. Chocolate cake mix and ingredients needed to bake the cake
  2. A 9×13 cake pan
  3. Crisco
  4. Wax paper
  5. White icing
  6. Chocolate frosting
  7. Canola oil
  8. Cake pop sticks
  9. Chocolate candy melts
  10. Styrofoam cubes

Let’s begin:

  1. Bake the chocolate cake.
  2. Once the cake is completely cooled, begin making the dough for the pops. To do this, break apart the cake into a large bowl until the bowl is filled with cake crumbs. The smaller the crumbs the better. Then, take a wooden spoon and mix about half the container of chocolate frosting into the cake crumbs. If you need more, feel free to add more of either the crumbs or frosting. The texture of the dough should be close to cookie dough. Not too mushy, though.
  3. Then, roll the dough into circles and gently mold it into football shapes. Place them on a cookie tray covered in wax paper.
  4. Once all of your footballs are molded, set them in the fridge.
  5. While your footballs are in the fridge begin heating the chocolate melts. Place half of the bag of melts into a microwave safe bowl and heat 30 seconds at a time. Stir in between. If your mixture becomes too hard, add Crisco, NOT water.
  6. Once you have melted the candy melts take the footballs out of the fridge.
  7. Take the cake pop sticks and stick the top of them in the chocolate. Then, gently stick them about half way into the cake pops. This will act like glue when dipping your pops into the chocolate.
  8. Wait until the chocolate has hardened onto the sticks while in the pops. Then, begin dipping each pop into the melted chocolate. I used a spoon to gently spread the chocolate neatly over each football. Then carefully hit the sticks onto the side of the bowl to shake off any extra chocolate.
  9. Stick each cake pop into the Styrofoam cubes to dry. This will avoid having the pops stick to each other.
  10. When the pops are dry take the white icing and draw the football laces on each pop for the finished look.
  11. When you are done, it also looks super festive if you stick the pops in green Easter grass and add ribbons to the sticks to match the teams playing in the game.
  12. Enjoy!