Ebola: decreasing the primate population

Ebola is known for being a deadly human virus. However, it is not only affecting us humans, but chimps and gorillas as well. In fact, the Ebola virus is even more harmful to gorillas and chimps than it is to humans.

Taking out many of these animals during its infrequent outbreaks, the virus is one of the main causes for the large population decrease among gorillas and chimps. It has now wiped out a third of the world’s chimpanzees and gorilla’s.

The morality rate for those affected with Ebola is 95 for gorillas 77 for chimps and 50 for humans, according to mirror.co.UK. The virus is indeed spreading and it’s mainly due to the lack of habitat for these endangered species.

Many people believe that previous Ebola outbreaks among humans have resulted from infected gorillas and chimps.

Although there has been an affective vaccine created for gorillas and apes, there is a strong debate on whether or not the great apes should be able to be tested, due to their huge similarity to humans.