Maggie Schneider finishes senior year with 3-peat


Courtesy of Maggie Schneider

Cross-country runner Maggie Schneider is the first three-time Horizon League Champion in Oakland’s history.

Cross country runner Maggie Schneider hasn’t just won one or two Horizon League titles. Schneider is a three-time Horizon League Champion, the first in Oakland University history. But according to the Michigan native, that title isn’t her priority.

“Winning individually doesn’t mean that much to me,” Schneider said. “I care so much for the team winning and other teammates, so if they win, then I’m happy and that’s all that matters to me.”

Running is in the blood of the Schneider family. Her father, Benjamin, was a sprinter. 

“I started off trying to run sprints with my dad, but I realized I was way too slow,” Schneider said. “So I began to run the mile and realized I was pretty good at it.”

Not only does Schneider excel on the track, but also in the classroom. Being the valedictorian and earning many other academic accolades in high school, Schneider originally planned on attending OU for academics. However, Schneider realized she couldn’t stay away from running.

“I contacted the cross country coach and told him my interest in running at Oakland, and I asked if I could come on a visit while I was already there visiting for academics,” she said. “He said sure and eventually offered me as a walk-on.”

Schneider was forced to sit out her freshman year due to a stress fracture in her hip. The setback didn’t stop her whatsoever. One year later Schneider won her first Horizon League Championship.

“After I won my first year I was so grateful because I was able to come back from my injury,” Schneider said. “My teammate, Rachel Levy, also kept me going after my injury because she is such a great competitor and we were able to really push each other.”

Her team also kept her motivated over the years of her success. Schneider said the team is disciplined, hardworking and willing to sacrifice for each other which gives her a reason to keep giving her best effort every day.

“I could have definitely not been able to be where I am today or have achieved what I have without my team,” she said. “We are all going through the same thing together and we each pour our hearts out for each other.”

Not only does Schneider enjoy being competitive and serious about running, but she also has a fun side to her.

“I definitely would consider myself a goofball,” she said. “Running is my jam, so I definitely find ways to make running fun. I also am such a lovable person, like my team, so we all definitely know to motivate and support each other.”

After winning two years of the Horizon League, Schneider never felt any severe pressure from her coaches or teammates to win a third one.

“My coach and teammates definitely put no pressure on me to win again this year, instead they all were supporting me and believing in me,” Schneider said. “I couldn’t ask for a better team than this one.”

“My goal for regionals is to qualify for Nationals, and just because I have won the Horizon League a couple times doesn’t mean anything,” Schneider added. “I am just a little fish in a big pond.”

Schneider and the Golden Grizzlies will be competing in the NCAA Great Lakes Regional on Friday, Nov. 15 in Madison, Wisconsin on the Zimmer Championship Course.