Police Files: Nov. 6, 2019

Summer RecWell Sexual Assault

A man contacted the Oakland University Police Department over email on April 16, 2019. In the email, he stated that he was in the locker room of the Oakland University RecWell, in the summer of 2018, making his way to take a shower and stopped in front of the mirror to check his physique. He stated that a man behind him at the urinal looked at him and told him he looked good. The victim replied thanks and, being a trainer, gave him a nutritional supplement and exercise pitch in hopes of possibly gaining a client. 

The other man then approached him while the victim was naked and asked to touch his abs. Not thinking it was in a sexual context, the victim hesitantly said yes. The aggressor then very swiftly reached down and touched the victim in a molestation type of manor. The victim said he felt traumatized by the situation and ended the conversation and showered.

After going to the meeting with OUPD, the victim was able to identify his assailant through outside camera footage shown to him by officers. When asked if he wished to pursue charges, he said it wasn’t right and didn’t want it to happen to someone else, but did not want to ruin his attacker’s life. 

OUPD then interviewed the assailant and explained the allegations against him, which he denied. When the victim was contacted after the interview, he said he was satisfied that the school and the police had been told and did not wish to prosecute. The assailant received a Persona Non Grata notice from the Dean of Students Office. The case was then closed.