Steel metal cage match: TikTok vs. Vine


While Vine rests in peace, TikTok is here and better than ever—not missing any vine energy.

Readers, hold onto your panties, because I’m about to settle the greatest debate of this generation. It has to be said: TikTok is the superior comedy platform. Vine, you had your time to shine baby, but you have to move aside for the new king.

I will admit that I’m a recent convert to TikTok myself. It wasn’t until a couple weeks ago when I was sitting in The OP office and the Katies peer pressured me into downloading it. “You’re missing out,” they said. “There’s nothing like it,” they said. They were right.

Before I evolved, I was watching TikTok compilations on other forms of social media. I ignorantly thought, “I’m seeing the best ones anyway, and I can avoid the cringey bad ones.” How wrong I was. Little did I know that the cringey material is what makes TikTok the best.

Out of respect for the dead, I have to appreciate Vine for its high quality humor. In just six seconds we got timeless phrases like “Road work ahead? Uh yeah, I sure hope it does,” and “This bitch empty, YEET.” But, as much as you stubborn millennials don’t want to hear it, Vine is over. She’s gone. She’s dead. And now, TikTok is here.

I want to make one thing clear, TikTok did not replace Vine. The ~ vibes ~ are different. If Vine was still around, I can’t lie, it would probably be the superior platform. That being said, there is a subgenre of TikToks that radiate Vine energy, and those are the most prime content on the internet. We have nothing but love and respect for them. 

To all you people holding out for Vine — it’s not about abandoning your roots, it’s about appreciating the content that exists now. TikTok is just, ugh, it’s indescribable. It’s just *chef kiss,* you know? If you don’t, download TikTok and report back to me in a week.

Think of this as similar stakes as the angel Gabriel visiting Mary to tell her she’s pregnant — the journey will be hard fought, but in the end you’ll receive eternal happiness. Once you bite the bullet and download it, your soul will be saved. 

TikTok is the ultimate black hole of social media platforms, combining all the best pieces into one hub. The best part, you ask? The fact that you can’t see the time at the top of your screen, so you truly never know how long you’ve been scrolling. It makes it 10 times more addicting. Vine could never. 

The duet feature of TikTok? Y’all cannot tell me that it is not the single greatest invention of this generation. Sure, Danielle Cohn dancing in her Harvard sweatshirt is funny, but the duet version from the point of view of her belly button? That’s iconic. 

My love for Vine and my love for TikTok are not mutually exclusive, and saying it needs to be is toxic. They’re like my two children, saying I have a favorite is just wrong. Obviously I have one (what can I say, as the youngest child, I can’t help but be biased), but it’s wrong to say so, right? 

Eh, who cares. TikTok is better.