Quidditch for Muggle OU Students


Sergio Montanez

The Muggle Quidditch League of Oakland University practices Friday nights, running drills for keepers, chasers, beaters and seekers.

Good news, Muggles: Quidditch isn’t just for witches and wizards. 

The Muggle Quidditch League of Oakland University allows students to play the popular game that is played in the “Harry Potter” books.

Even though players won’t be able to use any magic, the game is played as close as possible to the way it is in the books by following a similar set of rules and running with a broom between players’ legs.

The club is looking for new recruits who are interested in the sport and having a good time. The more people who show up, the more fun practice will be for everyone.

Christina Reso, president of the Muggle Quidditch League, said it’s a sport that’s easier to participate in for students who aren’t super athletic. She said students don’t even have to know anything about Quidditch or “Harry Potter” in general.

“We always teach people when they get there how to do it, and we can always find a spot for someone on the team no matter what their skill level is,” she said. 

Reso said one major misconception people have is that it’s a joke and isn’t taken seriously. 

“Some people will think that it’s kind of silly or that it’s like a joke sport,” she said. “We do take ourselves a little seriously, not so seriously that we make it like, intense or anything, but I wouldn’t call it a joke sport.”

The club has played against Quidditch teams from other schools such as Wayne State University (WSU), Michigan State University (MSU) and Eastern Michigan University (EMU). A scrimmage is already planned for November with WSU and MSU. 

Isaac Springer, vice president of the Muggle Quidditch League, said all they want is for people to come and play quidditch with them. 

Springer first joined the club as a freshman when he and his roommate were looking for things to do on campus. He said the best part of Quidditch is it’s another social group that provides many different things for different people. 

“It’s a great way to meet new people, especially if you’re new on campus,” he said. “It’s also a great way to stay fit, active and in shape.”

Practices take place on Friday nights from 6-8 p.m. in the OU Recreational and Well-Being Center. During this time, the team run drills that are specific for the different positions: keeper, chaser, beater and seeker. Any students interested are encouraged to come out to the practices, even if it’s just to watch. 

Reso said it’s just drop in, so students can join any week and start playing if they are interested. 

“If you ever have a Friday night free, come to the Rec Center check us out, watch us play,” she said. “You don’t even have to participate. We’re always trying to get people to see what we’re about.”

If interested students have any questions or concerns, they can email the team or check out its GrizzOrgs page.