Police Files: Oct. 23, 2019

Falling at the theater

A man near Meadow Brook Hall called Oakland University Police dispatch (OUPD) to report that an elderly female had fallen outside of Wilson Hall and was lying on one of the benches outside of the main theater on Feb. 20. Dispatch notified Auburn Hills Fire Department (AHFD) and OUPD, both of whom arrived at the lobby of Wilson Hall and spoke with the elderly woman, who said she was visiting for a play.

Upon arrival, the officer from OUPD observed the woman lying face up on a bench with her knees elevated across from her husband, who was the witness that called. He stated that at approximately 7:30 p.m. while walking into Wilson Hall from Wilson Boulevard, his wife slipped on some ice and fell on the ground. She said she landed on her hip and elbow on her left side, but that her head did not make contact with the ground. The woman told the officer she did not report the incident immediately and decided to continue with her plans of seeing a play.

She then stated that, during intermission, she started having really bad muscle spasms in her lower body, which she believed were triggered by the fall. She decided to lay down until after intermission was over, but did not want to move and return to the theater after a brief resting period.

Her husband said his wife suffers from muscle spasms and takes medication because of them, and that he believed the fall triggered the spasms. He recalled seeing a salt truck laying salt near the walkway while parking his vehicle, but did not believe there was enough time for it to be effective.

AHFD arrived on scene to provide treatment to the woman, who refused to be transported to a medical care facility. She was assisted to her vehicle on a stretcher by AHFD and an injury report was filed and submitted.