Police Files: Oct. 9, 2019

Creepy Stalker

A female student came into the Oakland University Police Department on Aug. 16 to report a creepy man who interacted with her on a walking path. She initially called dispatch and spoke to two on-duty officers as she walked to her car from the area of the occurrence. The officers established that the individual was not following her and had left campus or the area. She remained on the line until she reached her vehicle and came into the station to report the details.

The student stated she was walking on the P-57 service road at approximately 3:30 p.m. when she encountered a shirtless white male who engaged her in conversation. The man identified himself and complimented the student repeatedly. The two exchanged phone numbers. The man then asked for a hug, which she declined.

The man then tried to persuade the student to follow him into the woods to see his favorite 600-year-old tree. He asked her if she had a blanket with her they could lay on. He then stated he was “sexually attracted” to her, stated he was “aroused” by her and indicated he had an erection. He then told her he was 30 years old.

The student mentioned to the officers that her training let her keep a cool head around the troubling individual. The student gave OUPD his information and phone number and he was contacted by police about asking invasive questions to women on campus. The man was not located afterward and no cameras captured the incident.

In the phone call on Aug. 23, an officer explained who they were to the man and asked him to come into OUPD to speak with them. He said he was not comfortable doing that and did not want to meet with police. They explained to him that in the last two years OUPD had two reports of him “freaking out” women on campus with inappropriate conversation. He stated he just comes to OU to work out and he did not talk to women that way, denying the accusation. The officer explained to him again that OUPD had received two separate reports and cautioned him to be careful of how he spoke to women.