Jordan must choose between the death of a citizen and the potential death of its regime

Jordanian pilot Lt. Muath al Kasasbeh was captured by terror group ISIS while taking part in a bombing run in Syria back in December. Now the group threatens to murder him in hopes of bringing down Jordan.

The group hates Jordan and views them as a country of betrayal due to being allied with the United States.

ISIS is demanding the release of a female al-Qaeda member al Rishawi who is imprisoned in Jordan in exchange for the pilot’s life.

Rishawi is an Iraqi who went with her husband to bomb a wedding hotel in Jordan’s capital back 2005, according to NBC News. However, she was never even a part of ISIS, but rather a member of al Qaeda. Al Qaeda and ISIS are not allies whatsoever, proving that this is a manipulative plan to turn Jordan’s people against their own country and destabilize it.

Jordan realizes they are being manipulated by ISIS’s plan to use the situation to their advantage. However, the country is unsure of what to do.

It seems to be a lose-lose situation for Jordan. Either they risk weakening their country, or lose a fellow Jordanian to the enemy.

There has not been much talk from the Jordanian government, which leaves citizens in the dark about what exactly is going on with the pilot, negotiations and evidence of facts.

As the country fights to keep the trust of its people as well as its dignity, it seems the cards are currently in favor of ISIS.