Police Files

Don’t run stop signs, silly

Two Oakland University police officers were on patrol on the night of Aug. 20 when they observed a black Buick run the stop sign on west Oakland Drive. The black Buick turned east and was run down and stopped by the two on patrol. There was only the driver in the car, and she stated she was in a rush because she was feeling ill. The officers issued a civil infraction citation and released her without further issues.

Mom, come pick me up. I’m scared

Two OUPD officers spotted a white Chevy doing 15 over the speed limit on eastbound Walton on Aug. 25. The officers initiated a traffic stop and stopped the vehicle on Festival Drive. The driver had no driver’s license, and said he had never obtained one. The vehicle was not registered to him, but to his mother who was at work. The officers advised that he cannot drive the vehicle without a license and told him to contact his mother to come take care of the vehicle.

The driver was placed under arrest for driving without a valid license, and officers placed him in handcuffs before placing him in the back of the vehicle. He was then transported to OUPD where he was booked and released to his mother.