GSA hosts its first open mic night

Students gathered for the first open mic night hosted by the GSA.

By Cheyanne Kramer

The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) made it through hump day last week by hosting their first open mic night in the OC where a group of students came together to read poems, sing and play music to the audience.

Allie Reynolds had her first performance for the GSA that night.

“It’s nice having a group of nice and amazing people in the audience, even though performing is nerve-racking,” she said. “But after tonight, I hope to make it to more events in the future.”

Maxwell Pelkey, another performer at the open mic, said that one of the most important parts of going to events hosted by the GSA is getting safety and comfort.

“I go to events and see people similar to me all around me,” he said. “I don’t feel weird or uncomfortable.”

Grace Wojcik, the coordinator of the Gender and Sexuality Center, said that any student of Oakland University is welcome to attend the events held through the GSA.

“Some events you can really learn from. Others are more for socialization. But, anyone is always welcome to attend them,” she said.

The event wasn’t entirely serious, like the Coming Out Monologues in October. Some of the poems were heartwarming and personal, but they were split up with more lighthearted songs.

The night ended with the crowd singing “Radioactive” with Becca Reichenbach.

Reichenbach, part of the GSA E-Board, said that the GSA was trying to host big events with more open itineraries, giving students a bit more variety with how each event plays out year by year.

Reichenbach also said that though the open mic night was a new event for the GSA, it was important to have.

“We only have the drag show in the winter season, so small events like this are nice to get students involved in events hosted by the GSA,” she said.

For information on upcoming events, there is a list outside of the gender and sexuality center next to the CSA Window. Information can also be found on the GSA at OU Facebook page.