OU senior moves from recording as a child to becoming general manager at WXOU

Emily Morris, WXOU News Director

The geometric buttons shined from repetitive clicking, a step to creating the most professional radio voice.

From the spry age of 3, Caitlin Flora began perfecting her tone with simple tape recordings, “talking about random things and pretend[ing] it was a talk show.”

“I remember thinking, ‘when I’m a big kid, I’m going to do radio,’” Floral said.

Since then, her passion for communication has only elevated. She has transitioned from that original recorder into manning a few studios as general manager of Oakland University’s WXOU radio station, 88.3FM.

“Ever since I started getting involved with the executive board [of WXOU], I’ve been working up to this point … I [am] just really happy,” Flora said.

The next year promises to be filled with renovation and building connections at WXOU, according to Flora. WXOU has proved to be a prominent stepping stone in her road with radio.

The OU senior will soon take her voice past the walls of the university. Although she cannot say where the impending years of her career are headed, radio is surely to be a factor.

“It’s always going to be a part of me,” she said.