YouTubers Danny Gonzalez and Drew Gooden captivate fans on comedy show tour

Taylor McDaniel, Staff Reporter

From one platform to another, YouTubers Danny Gonzalez and Drew Gooden have come a long way from the days of six-second Vines. 

You may not immediately be able to identify their names, but you would probably recognize their videos from the now-dead hosting service. Gonzalez accumulated a large following on Vine before it shut down in 2017, while Gooden is probably most famous for his “road work ahead” vine

The two men met while filming Vine’s first long-form original series “Camp Unplug” along with other popular Vine stars. Gooden and Gonzalez became quick friends and would later collab on each other’s YouTube channels. 

Now both “skinny white guys on the internet” are full-time YouTubers with over 4.5 million subscribers between them — 1.6 for Gooden and 2.9 for Gonzalez. Both create commentary videos spanning topics such as LeLe Pons, Logan Paul, Tik Tok “cringe”, bad life hacks, Instagram comedians and bad movies. 

The pair’s most recent collab, a video titled “The Jeremy Renner App (w/ Drew Gooden)” uploaded on Gonzalez’s channel, featured the guys discussing the app the ”Avengers” debuted in 2017. The video — which pointed out the bizarre and exploitative nature of the app — could have potentially led to the app being swarmed with internet trolls last week, leading to the downfall of the app

Like many Vine stars turned YouTubers, Gonzalez and Gooden decided to take their act from the small screen to the big stage with a tour. The “We Are Two Different People” tour — named for the similarities between the two men — began its debut on Sept. 5 in Naperville, Illinois. The show will have 31 dates over six weeks. 

At the Sept. 7 show in Indianapolis, Indiana, held at The Citadel Music Hall, when asked how the tour was going so far, Gonzalez wholeheartedly said that all was good. 

“It’s very hot in this venue,” Gooden joked.  

He was completely right. Although, it didn’t seem to dampen the enthusiasm of the crowd or the dedication of the performers. 

The show opened with special guest, fellow YouTuber Kurtis Conner, performing a short and sweet stand-up routine before the main act. 

When announcing their tour back in May, Gonzalez and Gooden had released a track called “We Are Not The Same Person” — the song also kicked off the head part of the performance. 

The comedy show was a mixture of comedic songs, diss tracks, sketches and jokes — with videos peppered occasionally to change it up. Although it was planned and scripted, the two leads were charismatic and funny enough not to give off an over-rehearsed or stale atmosphere, leaving room for improvisation as the show went on. 

The improvised moments may have been the best part of it all — every once in a while Gooden or Gonzalez would break character, cracking a smile or laughing at the other the way best friends do. 

Throughout the show, one question remained: Are Danny Gonzalez and Drew Gooden the same human being? 

We may never know for certain. Gooden may have described it best, though, when he said he and Gonzalez “may be the same person, but [they] are different people.”