Police Files: September 4, 2019

Parking Lot Scuffle

Oakland University Police dispatch was called to report a heated argument between two male subjects in the P-13 parking lot, near the Athletic Dome, on the evening of June 10. Two officers were dispatched to the call. On the way there, dispatch advised that the situation had evolved into a verbal altercation. The officers were also informed that a white Ford pickup truck involved in the incident was attempting to leave the scene. One of the officers activated their overhead lights and siren in an attempt to catch up to the vehicle leaving the scene.

One officer was able to catch up with the pickup truck and make contact with the driver. The male in the driver’s seat claimed he had just been assaulted by his father-in-law. He said his wife had been cheating on him and he just wanted to get his son out of the situation, who was sitting in the back seat. He explained to the officer what happened during the altercation, including how he had been slapped and kept his father-in-law at bay with a chair. The officer confirmed they saw marks on his cheek and blood on his door.

The father-in-law and wife arrived on the scene in separate vehicles. The second officer went to meet with them while the first stayed with the pickup truck. While speaking, the officer discovered the wife was the victim of domestic violence and was not comfortable sharing at the time. The father-in-law corroborated this and said he was just worried about his daughter’s safety, and he was hoping they could go home with her son for the night. When the officer went back to the pickup truck, they talked with the son, and he confirmed he wanted to go home with his mom. The father affirmed he was happy with the arrangement, and the scene was cleared without further incident.

When attempting follow up calls the following day, OUPD was unable to contact any of the parties involved in the incident, but at the time no one wished to press charges. OUPD was able to later get ahold of the wife, and she answered additional questions about security footage from before the altercation. They encouraged her to report the assault or any threats to her well-being to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department.