Perspective: Five things students have mastered by the time they graduate

Jade Vickery

  1.   Wasting time online

Between Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, it’s amazing that we have time for anything else. Many of us walk into our freshman year with a limited understanding of personal responsibility and time management. By the time we graduate, we’ve totally forgotten responsibility and mastered the sacred art of mindlessly perusing the web. So what if we have two papers due tomorrow and we have to be to work at 7 a.m.? This cat gif is hilarious.

 2. Thinking about money

If you’re like me, college has totally ruined the way you think about money. Every college student knows the feeling of being painfully broke, and that feeling of being in a constant state of money-panic totally changes the way you think about your spending. While financially stable people budget their spending, students start thinking thoughts like “I can’t leave a $2 tip, that’s like two meals at Taco Bell.”  

 3. Acting cool under pressure

Students are faced with crushing student debt, car payments, rent and bleak job prospects. Even though we are faced with these challenges, we somehow still manage to do all of our homework three hours before its due, read six chapters in the same night and still stroll into class like we didn’t just down six cups of coffee. College students are masters of acting cool under pressure.

4. Setting goals

Ok, so I said students are masters of setting goals, not achieving them. Students are forced to live with the reality that there’s no way we will be able to accomplish all of the goals that we set for ourselves. Setting a goal to run a mile everyday can be hindered by the fact that your professor has just changed the deadline of your project to this week. For students, it’s easy to become disillusioned about the things that they can realistically achieve.

 5. Changing their major

To be totally honest, I’d like to shake the hand of the one student that chose their major and stuck with it. For the rest of us, we enter college with little more than a vague idea of our favorite classes from high school, and slowly realize what career we want to pursue. College students are masters of changing their major because it’s almost impossible to graduate without changing your major at least once.