Music, theatre, dance. Oh my!

After showcasing their talents to their Oakland University family on Feb. 19, the theatre major seniors went off to the Davenport Theater in New York on March 2 for two performances.

According to the Department of Music, Theatre and Dance’s Facebook page, the Davenport Theater was packed with theatre business people ready to sign students.  

Many of the students were signed with agents, and many of them will be returning to New York in a few weeks for more auditions and more opportunities to make themselves known.

Despite having their flight home being cancelled twice, Stacey Fleming and her fellow seniors made the best of it and enjoyed New York. Fleming said that everyone did a fantastic job and received callbacks.

Opportunities like this help students gain experience, create networking opportunities, get exposed to professionals in the industry and, possibly, a career in something they love.

For Stacey, she will be heading back to New York on Monday, March 16 to audition for the non-equity tour of “Mamma Mia.” She also received a call from a casting director about a new show starting in April, and they are interested in her being apart of it.

“I learned so much from this experience, everything from how to create opportunities for myself to which subway line takes you where,” Fleming said.

Fleming has some advice for future seniors. “Just be yourself. Don’t try to make agents like you. Just present your best work and whatever happens is meant to happen,” she said.  “Be confident in your training and talent. It is there, so use it.“

According to the Department of MTD Facebook page, musical theatre professor and director Fred Love and vocal coach Julie Malloy ran into alum Elise Castle (BA ’07) at the Lion Theater in New York.

If you missed the Senior Showcase, don’t worry. There are more events being performed by the Department of Music, Theater and Dance.