Police Files: June 26, 2019

A female student texted a classmate inquiring about how sexual assault cases were handled on campus on Feb. 26, 2019. When Oakland University police dispatch was called by the student’s classmate, it was discovered that she was the victim of an assault on campus. The dispatch officer advised the victim to come to the station to make a report. She came into the station with a friend to make a report of a sexual assault that took place the previous month.

Two officers met with her and brought her back into a private squad room to speak with her. The victim said she was okay speaking with the officers without her friend present. One officer got her paperwork while the other got her story.

The victim said she was out at a frat party the previous month with a male student, whom she was dating at the time, and his friend, whom she had met that night. While the three were at the party, the victim said she became intoxicated and needed to be taken care of. At that point, her boyfriend and the other friend brought her back to his dorm.

She said the three laid in bed that night fully clothed. While the three laid down, the unrelated friend draped his arm around her shoulder, then moved his hand to a place with which she was uncomfortable. At this point, she pushed his arm off of her and moved away from him. He did not touch her for the rest of the night and was gone before she woke up the next day. When she saw this friend later in the lounge, both of the men who were with her that night passed her and said “hi” to her. She awkwardly responded, causing both the males to laugh and walk away. At this point, the victim contacted one of the officers over text and filled out a witness statement.

After interviews with both the males in the case, the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office denied the warrant in the case, which was closed.