Head Chef Kevin Peasgood explained that throughout the year, Chartwells has been taking steps to be allergen friendly, but announced a plan for them to separate the top eight allergens into their own station, where students who can’t eat some of those foods can go and get a meal. This plan should be put into place by next fall.

Students voice opinions on Chartwells contract end.        

As Chartwells’ contract comes to an end, students and student leaders weigh in on their thoughts of the food service provider, which has been with the school for ten years.

Student Activities Funding Board (SAFB) Chair Phillip Johnson has had concerns with Chartwells in the past.

Johnson said that they had meetings with the company in order to obtain lower prices for student organizations.

Misread orders and quotes can be traced back to the company’s staffing, according to Johnson.

“I think administrative wise understaffed,” Johnson said.

He said that all orders are done on paper and that electronic systems were underutilized.

As the leader of SAFB, a board that represents the entire student body, Johnson would like to see the employees of Chartwells work well with OU students.

“I’d like to see them be more friendly with students in the office,” Johnson said.

Senior and Communication major Ashley Butala was aware of Chartwells’ contract coming to an end as well.

Butala is happy with some of their services such as Subway but not the Vandenberg cafeteria.

She says the some stations like the Mongolian station are good but “The rest of it is crap in my opinion,” Butala said.

Butala says that it comes down to personal taste when it comes to the Vandenberg cafeteria.

“Other students like the breakfast, it just depends,” Butala said.

She thinks Chartwells could do more to improve their service to students on campus.

“Maybe more diversity in food,” Butala said.

Student Program Board Annual Events Director Brittany Hall on the other hand has nothing but good experiences with Chartwells.

Being the Events Director, Hall plans things on a large scale and needs a reliable food service company.

“Being that most of my events have been very large, I often work with high quantities of food and drink,” Hall said. “Chartwells has always gotten my order right and is always willing to go the extra mile to make my event the best that it can be.”

She has also been pleased with their service when it comes time to making decisions for large orders.

“Thus far, my experience with them has been pretty good,” Hall said. “I am always greeted with a smile when I walk into the office, and the workers are always willing to help me with orders if I am unsure of quantity, pricing, etc.”

Hall is aware that Chartwells contract is at an end and is fed up with all the rumors surrounding it.

“It irks me that there are so many rumors already going around,” Hall said. “These rumors range from Chartwells being kicked out the minute their contract is over to them getting a 2 year extension.”

Overall, Hall believes Chartwells greatly serves OU students and deserve more credit than they get.

“Any time that we want to see a change in the Vandenberg Cafeteria or Pioneer Food Court, Chartwells does the best they can to implement that idea,” Hall said. “Chartwells deserves a lot more love than they tend to get.”