SPB Brings KYLE and blackbear to Meadowbrook

Michael Pearce, Editor-In-Chief

Bright lights, blasting bass, screaming and flashlights in the air made up the sights and sounds of the annual spring concert put on by Student Program Board (SPB). This year, KYLE and blackbear came to Meadowbrook Amphitheatre to co-headline.

The show started with Jake Kinnie of WXOU DJing before the opener, Rockim Williamson and the OU Music Group, went on to perform his set. Kinnie, who goes by the stage name “Fluur”, was playing a range of music from today’s rap to pop music.

“It was absolutely surreal,” Kinnie said. “Never did I think I would have an opportunity such as this. I knew I had to give it my all because this was my biggest set yet and I needed to leave a good impression.”

Williamson, a freshman who leads the OU Music Group, is an aspiring musician who won the Battle of the Bands competition to open the show. He performed two original songs, including his biggest song, “Confidence”, and “Love Yourz” by J Cole.

He performed at the Fillmore in Detroit last year, and performing at Meadowbrook this year was a big boost for his confidence and growth as an artist.

“It was absolutely something to add to my list of accomplishments,” Williamson said. “I shared the stage with KYLE and blackbear in the same night. Not a lot of people can say that. I feel like an incredible blessing is going to come from this.”

The atmosphere throughout the night was intense and lively, with the majority of fans on their feet for all artists. KYLE said the Meadowbrook crowd was one of the most “lit” crowds on his college tour, and Williamson said the atmosphere was incredible.

“The atmosphere as soon as I walked on stage was just so amazing,” Williamson said. “Throughout the show I just felt at home.”

While Williamson and the OU Music Group were performing, the people with meet and greet tickets were backstage meeting either KYLE or blackbear. Senior Alyssa Jaworski was one of the last people to win meet and greet tickets for the show through SPB, when SPB pulled a prank on April Fool’s Day, saying KYLE and blackbear were in Dodge Hall.

“Of course I was worried it was an April Fool’s Day prank,” Jaworski said. “I repeat songs depending on what I’m listening to and at the time it was ‘SWEAR TO GOD’ by blackbear. I always liked his music so when I heard he was coming to OU I wanted to get tickets. I was determined to get a meet and greet. I figured I might as well just drive up to OU and put my name in, that way I can say I tried.”

After the meet and greets took place, Kinnie went back on stage between sets and eventually gave the stage to “Super Duper University”, and the co-headliners took control of the show.

KYLE performed numerous hits from “ISpy” to “Playinwitme”, and he concluded with a tribute to the late Nipsey Hussle. After a short intermission, blackbear took control of the stage when he had his set, starting with his tour intro, blasting at maximum volume in pitch black darkness.

The roar of the crowd carried from the start of KYLE’s set until the very end of blackbear’s set, and another spring concert concluded with raspy voices and smiling faces.