15th OU Night at Comerica Park coming in August

Alyssa Ochss

Baseball season is in full swing for the Detroit Tigers, and Oakland University spirit is as well. OU Night at Comerica Park comes back August 8 to help alumni get reconnected while watching the Tigers play against the Kansas City Royals.

The Oakland University Alumni Association’s (OUAA) OU Night at Comerica Park started off as just a pregame get together. It grew into a full day when the Tigers started a college series, which gave a day to colleges and universities in Michigan. This gave the Office of Alumni Engagement an opportunity to combine its pregame festivities with a day dedicated to OU pride and spirit.

Last year, around 600 to 700 people came to the event, but up to 1400 people have attended in the past, according to Erin Sudrovech, OU director of alumni engagement. Students from the university will be picked to sing the national anthem as well as throw the first pitch.

It’s now the 15th consecutive year this event at Comerica has been put on, and not only does it help alumni get reconnected to the university, but it helps to fund scholarships.

Sudrovech said the ticket sales help to fund at least a dozen scholarships. For every ticket sold, the Tigers will donate toward OU scholarships, including the Keeper of the Dream award (the OUAA is a sponsor) and a legacy scholarship for students who have OU alumni family members.

“Our main objective is to engage people and get people connected back to the university,” Sudrovech said. “This is a fun way to do it.”

This event is not just for alumni, but for students to bring their friends and family to enjoy a Tigers game and help celebrate Oakland pride. Sudrovech said this has shown in the last couple of years as it has grown to include all people.

“If you have a connection to Oakland, come out and have fun…” Sudrovech said. “Over the last three or four years, it has broadened to become a university event.”

The OUAA board members are OU graduates, including vice chair Mark Guthrie. He said he introduces his sons to the campus often, and the OU Night at Comerica Park is an important tradition.

Guthrie said he is thankful for what the university gave to him when he was an undergraduate and graduate student. This is what compelled him to get involved in OU again and help other alumni get involved as well.

Guthrie said he wants to emphasize OU Night at Comerica Park is not just an alumni only event, and the OUAA is in the students’ hands.

“This is your alumni association,” Guthrie said. “Make it what you want it to be.”

The Oakland Night at Comerica Park will be held August 8 at 7:10 p.m. There is a commemorative hat included, but you must buy the OU package to receive a voucher for the hat. The hat won’t be included through regular box office ticket purchases.

The pregame for the event will be held in Blue Moon Brew House, where hats will be given out at a pit stop area.

Tickets are now available on the MLB website. For more information, visit the Facebook event page.