Political Focus: Have a great summer, here’s a tirade about Trump believing sounds cause cancer

I cannot believe I have come to the point in my life where political opinion coverage includes clarifying wind turbines do not cause cancer, but hey, it makes for a good send-off into the summer, so here goes.

At the National Republican Congressional Committee’s annual spring dinner, President Donald Trump claimed the noise wind turbines produce causes cancer.

They don’t. Clicking any of the first five results on a casual Google search will immediately prove his claim wrong. Whether Trump is the dumbest human to become our commander in chief or he’s trying to slander renewable energy, it doesn’t matter.

Every other week has been an attempt at defending logic, statistics and reasoning when it comes to analyzing the word vomit that comes out of Trump’s mouth. I try my very best to hold myself to a higher standard and do adequate research into all of the reasons Trump’s rhetoric is dangerous to our country and the world. I really do want to be the better person, but this pushed me too far. Arguing against a claim this stupid would be a waste of my time and yours.

So instead of finding scientific articles, political responses and expert opinions, I’m going to give my two cents about our very own president of the United States.

Like I said, whether or not he is stupid on purpose is irrelevant to the effects his rhetoric has. When you’re the president, an individual in a position of authority and regularly a man of high standards, common people take your words seriously. And in Trump’s case, when he claims sound causes cancer, some people laugh, but some listeners really take it to heart. Especially if they already despise renewable energy.

Now loving coal because you think renewable energy is the spawn of hell, that’s one thing. But say the president thinks everyone with a certain skin tone is less than human, saying “these aren’t people, these are animals” when talking about Mexicans and other Central Americans. And let’s just say that, hypothetically, there are already a large number of people in the United States who were already predisposed to hating minorities. Now the same idiots who believed wind turbines are going to kill them believe there is an army of brown people marching across the border to take their livelihoods.

And the man in the oval office encouraged them.

Every new idiotic sound byte desensitizes us to what should be expected from our country’s leader, but the cost of normalizing this behavior really adds up. One day, it’s laughing at the Green New Deal, the next, Miami is underwater. One day, we’re putting asylum seekers into “temporary” tent cities, the next, the Mexican border becomes the new 38th parallel. These small things get worse, and words have consequences.

The temptation is to just give up and assume no one will care about the heinous garbage Trump says, and if you can’t tell by the tone of this piece, I don’t blame a single person who thinks this way. But when too many of us begin to tune him out, that’s the moment when Trump’s hateful words become the strongest.

Our nation will be run by the morons that love him most.