Perspective: philanthropy is essential to OU’s makeup


Philanthropy. It means a lot to me as an Oakland student. Matilda Wilson’s philanthropy is the foundation of Oakland University and it is important to who we are. Students come to Oakland because they have a sense of belonging here. They feel comfortable while at OU and appreciate what the school has to offer. What students don’t always realize is that they owe a major part of their education to donors. Donors are very important to our environment and OU’s very existence as a university.

I learned this when I started working for the OU Telefund.  Speaking with donors, alumni and friends of the university directly and having them give graciously was an amazing experience. Our donors saw the importance and the difference that they can make for students when they give to Oakland University.

While working there and as a member of the Student Philanthropy Committee, I get to be a part of the difference that donors make.  

This week the committee and I are holding our first Generosity Week, which we started to highlight the importance of donors to Oakland University students. Check out to learn more about Generosity Week activities on campus, or visit our table in the OC during lunchtime.

By having students see how different OU would be without donor support, students can see just how important donors are in playing a major part in creating the Oakland experience!

– Daskyra Hood, Event Coordinator Student Philanthropy Committee