Police Files: March 27, 2019

Welfare Check

Oakland University Police Department dispatch received two separate calls for a welfare check on the night of Feb. 23. The respective students were concerned about possibly suicidal statements that were made to each other.

Two officers made contact with the first student inside of her dorm. She voiced her concerns about her friend’s well being, saying she believed he was going to hurt himself. She said he attended a party earlier in the evening and didn’t have fun. Upon his return, he contacted her and said he felt worthless and he didn’t matter. She also told the officers he had a troubled past and was suicidal during that time.

The officers then asked her about her own well-being, and the student denied wanting to hurt herself or having suicidal thoughts. The officers provided her with information on mental health counseling at the Graham Health Center. The student then provided the room for the man she was concerned about and told the officers he was still in his room.

The officers made contact with the second student, who was inside his dorm. The officers explained the situation to him. He said he had a text message conversation with the first student, and she kept telling him she was leaving. He read the text messages to the officers. The conversation that transpired did not indicate or suggest that either person was suicidal or possibly going to hurt themselves. He also told the officers he was last suicidal approximately five years ago and denied being suicidal that night. The officers gave him the services available at the Graham Health Center. He then told the officers the first student he was concerned about was battling cancer and was on multiple types of medication, and they should check on her again before the end of the night.

The officers checked on the first student a final time, smelling an odor of marijuana upon entering her dorm. She did not appear to be under the influence of marijuana, but was still informed about campus smoking policy. She was then asked again if she needed any counseling or assistance, to which she replied she had been going to counseling already and she felt if she spoke with another counselor it would hinder her current counseling. She said she would contact a friend to talk to. The officers cleared the scene and informed the Residence Director of the situation.