Oakland’s great outdoors

By Shelby Tankersley

As our school year is ending, summer is quickly approaching. That being said, many of us are getting back outside to get some mileage in after classes end.

While running at the Recreation Center is nice, it’s also nice to get outside and run in a pattern that isn’t a circle. Fresh air does wonders for one’s energy.

OU has a lot of hills, twists and turns to offer, which makes it a great place to go for a run. So, what are the best places around campus to enjoy some exercise?

There’s Meadow Brook, the woods, the upper fields, the disc golf course or even the sidewalks around campus.

The paths that lead down to Meadow Brook Hall are rather popular with campus runners. Places out near the woods are also getting more popular now that it’s warming up outside.

“My favorite place to run is down by the magnetics lab,” sophomore Zachary Hendrick said. “Meadow Brook is nice, too.”

The abandoned Kettering Magnetics Lab offers solitude in order to get away from the noise on campus. While it can look pretty creepy at night, it’s totally harmless during the daytime.

Other places off of the main area of campus, like the golf and disc golf courses, are also popular.

“My favorite place to run is definitely the disc golf course,” freshman Olivia McIntee said. “Every time I go there, it’s an adventure. I get to see deer and it’s just beautiful.”

Since we’re in a city, the wildlife is accustomed to (and even comfortable with) people being around. Deer and squirrels can be seen near the paths and aren’t afraid to get close.

“They stand there really close, next to the path,” McIntee said.

With exams just around the corner and stress being at its high for the semester, few things help more than lots of water, fresh air and exercise to take the edge off. It’s a good thing we’ve got a campus with such diverse scenery for students to enjoy when they take off and get running.