World News: Co-pilot commits suicide taking 150 passengers down with him

As a plane filled with over 100 passengers crashed into the French Alps this past weekend, the co-pilot deciding to take his life, as well as his passengers, is now said to have had secret mental health issues.

Saturday, March 28 Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz decided to end his life crashing a plane holding 150 innocent passengers. His medical history is continuing to come undone after the scene of the crash.

Investigators began putting pieces of Lubitz life together to find out what exactly caused him to take away the precious lives of so many people.

German investigators have found antidepressants in the home of Lubitz, according to CNN. Officials say that the co-pilot had been living a double life and hiding his medical history as he had been declared “unfit to work” by a doctor. Investigators found this note slashed in the home of Lubitz indicating his intent of secrecy.

Lubitz was obviously mentally unstable, and by taking control of the plane he put many people in severe danger. Why he decided to take his life as well as those on the plane is unknown, but it’s unfortunate events like this that put the fear in flying.