‘Hamilton’ blows Fisher Theatre audience away

The most thrilling theatrical experience in a generation decided to shoot their shot in Detroit.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Pulitzer Prize- and Tony Award-winning musical “Hamilton” came to life at The Fisher Theatre in downtown Detroit on Tuesday, March 12. Metro Detroiters of all ages came together to sit down and watch a tale of romance, drama, scandal and freedom for the $10 founding father, Alexander Hamilton.

Based on Ron Chernow’s masterful biography, “Hamilton” tells the story of the scrappy and dashing immigrant Alexander Hamilton as he works his way up the ranks of the newly founded American political system to leave a lasting legacy — which he accomplished since he established our current banking system.

The performance was absolutely breathtaking from the very first moment the music started. It gave the entire audience chills — thanks to Miranda’s often unsung musical accomplice, Alex Lacamoire.

Lacamoire really outdid himself with this arrangement. I loved how the music arrangements didn’t seem to overpower the lyrics in the musical — which happens quite a bit in other musical productions I have seen — but rather the music enhanced the lyrics, and helped the audience understand the feelings behind the words.

Perhaps one of the things I enjoyed the most about the show — LOL, who am I kidding? I loved the whole damn thing — was the set, which was very unique since the entire performance was based off of one set design. Sure, there were parts of the set that moved in order to make it seem like there was a new design, but in actuality it was the exact same thing.

I also really loved how the center of the stage moved in a circle. It helped create the illusion the characters were walking along a path, when in reality they were moving in one spot.

The choreography of the show was thrilling, edgy, original and hella sexy! The costumes gave the cast members plenty of room to perform various flips, pirouettes and fight scenes. In addition to the choreographed dance routines, there was a lot of freestyle dancing as well — I particularly enjoyed the dancing in “The Reynolds Pamphlet.”

But of course, no great theatre performance would be complete without the phenomenal talents of the cast members. Edred Utomi was absolutely amazeballs as the titular role Alexander Hamilton. Utomi was able to bring just the right amount of grit, intellect and charm to the stage, which made for a very natural and heartbreaking performance — especially at the end.

Utomi wasn’t the only one that brought his A-game to the stage, Hannah Cruz and Peter Matthew Smith, gave a performance worthy of winning a Tony as Eliza Hamilton and King George, respectively. Smith was absolutely hilarious as the only white character in the entire show — he brought the right amount of snobbery for a pompous king.

Cruz took the role of the leading lady and made it all her own. She gave a breathtaking performance, and her vocal talent blew the audience away — especially when almost everyone in the audience teared up with her performance of “Burn.”

If you haven’t had the chance to go see “Hamilton” you must go see it! It is a show everyone in the family can enjoy — trust me I took my mom, and she hates musicals but absolutely loved “Hamilton.”

Rating: 5/5 stars