Could the moon be an artificial satellite put here by aliens?

Taylor Crumley, Staff Reporter

Back in the summer of 1969, Apollo 11 landed the first humans, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, on the moon in a mission they called “one giant leap for mankind.”

The moon serves a great purpose to Earth. According to Universe Today, since the moon is so big — over one-fourth the size of earth — and so close, its gravity has a dramatic impact on the way our world works. The force of the moon is so strong it can move our oceans, an act that we know as high and low tides.

Although the physical scientific exploration of our solar system is just beginning, theories, myths and legends about the never-ending night sky that surrounds our planet date back to the Mayans.

From popular theories, like the “Big Bang,” to ones that receive a lot of criticism, like the flat earth, and everything in between, our universe is nothing but mysterious, and humans most definitely do not have it all figured out.

A theory that has been getting more attention is that the moon that peacefully shines in the night sky may actually be an artificial satellite that was put here by aliens.

The first evidence that the moon may not be what we think it is came on Nov. 20, 1969. According to the History Channel, the Apollo 12 launch vehicle crashed into the moon and upon impact, the moon was recorded by a seismograph to have rung like a bell for nearly an hour. This was very unexpected and mystified scientists. This is evidence that concludes that the moon may be hollow.

The moon has tens of thousands of craters of various sizes covering the surface; however, all of the craters have the same depth. This suggests to scientists that there may be some sort of metallic barrier underneath the surface protecting it from damage.

Taking this information to the next level, two scientists named Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov published a study called “Is The Moon The Creation Of Intelligence?” which hypothesized that the moon is actually an artificial satellite put into orbit around Earth by some sort of alien intelligence.

The Ancient Code calls the moon “one of the most enigmatic objects in our solar system.”

Proof of these claims that the moon was actually artificially made include that the orbit of the moon around the earth is nearly perfectly circular, and that the moon itself does not spin, raising the question of what hides behind the dark side of the moon. These two characteristics are not found in any other celestial body in our solar system.

The moon is also known to contain a unique combination of metals. According to Ancient Code, it includes traces of metals that are not naturally occurring, such as brass. The amount of titanium that is found on the moon is also 10 times what is found on Earth. Scientists call this ratio “mind-blowing.”

The mysteries of the moon and the universe are far from being solved and the possibilities of what lies beyond our earth’s atmosphere may not be discovered in our lifetime.

The facts and theories that define the universe are malleable with every new thought, technological advancement and scientific discovery. It’s just a matter of what’s next.