DIY: Three fun and different ways to tie your spring scarf

If you’re sick of wearing your scarf the same way everyday or have a boring and plain shirt that you want to dress up, then these three different styles are perfect. By using the exact same scarf you can create three unique looks for different days and occasions during spring.

Here’s how to get the looks:

Take any lightweight scarf you have in your closet and follow these simple steps to create different styles.  Each look can be created within seconds.

The shawl:

For this look simply open up the scarf and cover yourself almost like if you were to be wearing a cape. Where the two ends meet hanging in front of you, tie them in a knot.

The bow tie:

For this, wrap the scarf around your neck so that both ends hang down in front of you. Then, twist each end so that it is skinnier and tie a bow just as you would a present. You can keep the bow close to your neck or pull it down for a more casual look.

The messy braid:

This one is the most complicated but still super easy. First, wrap one end of the scarf so that it crosses the other end (think the shape of a cancer ribbon.) Then, pull that same end you wrapped and tuck it through the loop of the scarf. This will create three pieces to braid. Use the center of the loop and two ends to braid the scarf, but still leave half of it untouched as well as a big enough loop to fit your head through. When you are finished with the messy braid tie it off with the two ends of the scarf.