New associate VP for Enrollment Management hopes to improve OU

Bridget Janis, Features Editor

Since Oakland University’s establishment in 1957, Dawn Aubry is the first woman to be the associate vice president for Enrollment Management.

Gaining the responsibilities that come with this job allows Aubry to play a part in Admissions, the Office of the Registrar and the Financial Aid Office, as well as help contribute to the coordination of the strategic enrollment plan for OU.

“I look forward to working collaboratively across the institution to develop and implement an integrated and comprehensive strategic enrollment management plan that aligns with OU’s mission, goals and our strategic plans,” Aubry said. “I want to make sure Admissions, Financial Aid and the Registrar are ready for these challenges and are going to continue to give great services, and grow and become better at servicing the students and families of Oakland University.”

Aubry’s roles on campus over the years include: interim assistant vice president for Student affairs, interim director of Undergraduate Admissions, associate director Undergraduate Admissions, director of New Student Programs and assistant director for New Student Programs. She also has 25 years background experience at Kent State University, University of Cincinnati and Oakland University.

“Oakland University is my alma mater, so I have a particular passion for Oakland,” she said. “My education was transformative; it transformed my life. So wanting to give back to the place that gave me so many great experiences is definitely very important to me.”

Throughout her years at OU, Aubry has provided leadership to many committees and has built two effective and successful teams on campus: the Orientation New Student Program Office and the Undergraduate Admissions team.

“I think I’m very good at identifying talent and helping developing talent in folks, and motivating and attracting people who put students first,” Aubry said. “I’m very good at collaborating across the campus with faculty, staff, student leaders and alumni to create a welcoming environment for new students and their family members.”

With her new position, Aubry plans to address multiple things to improve the university. She plans to help assist with achieving the enrollment goal by encouraging more people to attend OU and make it the school of choice for students. Another thing she plans on looking into more is expanding OU’s online courses. Aubry said she would like to alter them to fit different modules of time, such as four or eight weeks instead of always being a 15-week semester.

“I think it’s important for an enrollment manager to help the university explore all options and look at the return on investments,” she said.

Aubry belongs to multiple professional organizations, including the National and Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Counseling, the Collegiate Information and Visitor Services Association, and the Michigan Detroit College Access Network groups.

She also has won the Timothy G. Larrabee SOGI Equity and Inclusion Award, and has received the Outstanding Oakland University Administrative Professional of the Year award.

Aubry is ready to start her work in enrollments and push for a more successful university.

“I bleed black and gold,” she said. “I want nothing more than for Oakland to be successful and face some of their challenges.”

Aubry’s role as associate vice president for Enrollments Management became effective March 1.