Murder Mystery event to offer Roaring ’20s and fairy-tale themes

Bridget Janis, Staff Reporter

Play the part in a murder mystery dinner with the Student Program Board (SPB) by helping solve a murder and enjoying a provided dinner on March 4 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

A murder mystery is a themed dinner party where students work together using hints and clues to solve a fictional murder created by the director.

“I believe that a murder mystery allows students to use their imaginations willingly and freely while having a fun evening out,” said Joshua Robinson, Student Program Board special events director.

“I generally plan all of the events that happen year-to-year, and they are pretty much the same events but we tweak them a little bit,” said Giuseppe Giammalva, annual events director at the Student Program Board. “So we started doing a murder mystery dinner last year. Our annual events director took that on as her own. The students seemed to enjoy doing that event, and so I decided to take it upon myself to do it again.”

For this night, the director chose two murder mystery themes. One will be tiled “Murder at the Juice Joint” and will be more of a Roaring ’20s theme. The second one is called “Once Upon a Murder” and has more a fairy tale vibe to it.

“They just sounded more interesting and we try to generally pick themes that the students can dress up as, if they choose, while they come to the event because it makes them more involved in the whole game,” Giammalva said.

Students can wear attire that matches the theme or its time periods or wear formal attire. They are not required to dress up, but they can for a more immersive murder-solving experience.

“The students can expect a fun, excitement filled evening provided with food, laughs and memories that last a lifetime,” Robinson said.

This event will take place in the Meadow Brook Mansion, which will be a fitting setting for these themes since it was built in the 1920s.

“I think that the students enjoy having an event in the mansion and it’s also kind of a nice event for the students,” Giammalva said. “They can go have a nice dinner and just kind of be with their friends the whole night.”

Tickets are on sale now at the OSI window and are $20 per person with the dinner included. Students must have a valid OU student ID to buy a ticket, and tickets are one per OU ID.