Political Focus: The danger to journalists and media personnel is almost completely the fault of the White House

Ben Hume, Staff Reporter

The domestic terrorist arrested last week by the name of Christopher Hasson was found with a stash of firearms and a list of news journalists and Democratic politicians to be killed. The Coast Guard lieutenant was arrested Friday, Feb. 15. The prosecutors of Hasson found after his original arrest for possession of illegal drugs and firearms, he was plotting to commit an act of domestic terrorism meant “to murder innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country.”

Hasson was terribly insane, and had neo-Nazi extremist propaganda stockpiled on his computer. On that same computer was a letter he had written to an acquisitions officer at the Coast Guard headquarters in Washington, saying he was “dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on the earth.”

His list of targets was expansive, and only encompassed liberal personalities. There is no doubt his demented call to action was inflamed by the rhetoric from the White House. In fact, after his arrest, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked by reporters if President Donald Trump would back off the aggression against the media that has characterized his entire presidency.

Sanders deflected the blame away from Trump, of course, and insisted the president had never used such rhetoric.

“I certainly don’t think that the president at any point has done anything but condemn violence against journalists or anyone else,” she said. “In fact, every single time something like this happens, the president is typically one of the first people to condemn the violence and the media is the first people to blame the president.”

In a fantastic case of irony, even in her denial of Trump’s role in such cases of extremism, Sanders still found a way to accuse the reporters right in front of her face of being the people responsible for terrorists like Hasson.

As further evidence of the connection between Trump’s hatred of journalists and these neo-Nazis, Hasson drafted a letter to a well-known neo-Nazi expressing his support for the idea of building a “white homeland” in the Pacific Northwest after the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va. in 2017. The same violent rally for which the president claimed there was “blame on both sides.”

And to make completely sure that there is no doubt of the connection to Hasson, another section of the letter said, “I am a long time White Nationalist, having been a skinhead 30 plus years ago before my time in the military.”

Sanders has never been more than a farcical mouthpiece for the Trump administration, that is no surprise. But the longer this administration continues to level its complete hatred of liberal journalists, the more white terrorists like Hasson will appear with a perceived license to kill from the man in the oval office.

Hasson was originally going to wait to face his jail time, but after his discovered extremist roots, officials declared he would remain detained until his trial. His case seems over, but Capitol Hill has not made journalists any safer.