World News: The history of International Women’s Day


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wished Snapchatters a happy International Women’s Day this year, teaming up with the ‘Not There’ campaign to draw attention to call attention to gender inequality.

Sélah Fischer

International Women’s Day celebrates the inspiring, strong and empowering women that make up our nation. We recognize the need for equality and honor women’s achievements throughout the years.

Yesterday, March 8 marked this special day, but how exactly did this day come about?

In 1909 the Socialist Party of America organized a march in New York City celebrating a women’s strike the previous year. The party called this National Women’s Day. Women stood up for their right to vote, better working conditions and better pay.

Since the march, the socialist party continued to mark this day as National Women’s Day. However what was once national has now become international.

In 1913 Russian women began celebrating this day. Better late than never, European women caught on to this inspiring day as they felt the need for the same rights and proposed the idea of an international day as well.

Fast-forward to many years ahead and several other countries continued to hop on the bandwagon. On March 19, 2011 Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria celebrated this day for the first time.

The women of our nation have come a long way and today International Women’s Day is celebrated in over 25 countries, according to

Women went from little to no rights to now being astronauts, doctors, and CEO’s and taking part in other brilliant careers and responsibilities.

As far as women have come, it’s safe to say they have earned their spot on the calendar.