Police Files: Feb. 27, 2019

Late night on-campus sexual assault

A female student came to the Oakland University Police Department to report that she had been assaulted while on the property of Oakland University on Friday, Nov. 16, 2018. An officer was dispatched to her location and found her sitting in a hallway. Her eyes were red, her face was flush and she appeared to have been crying.

The officer took her into a private conference room to record her. The student recalled that she had left Hamlin Hall and started to walk toward her musical recital, for which she was late. Not having a vehicle and realizing she may have to walk three miles, she decided to try and flag down a motorist to get a ride. When she was crossing over the ravine portion of the sidewalk, an unknown male motorist stopped and offered her a ride.

The driver asked where she was headed and she told him. The male driver never gave his name. When he turned onto East Oakland Drive, he reached over and with his right hand and gently squeezed her upper arm. She described the squeeze as longer than normal. He squeezed her arm one or two more times after this. She confirmed to the officer the man was not bracing himself, and it was intentional.

When she attempted to leave the vehicle, the male grabbed her by the left wrist to stop her from leaving. She described it as forceful and said he was trying to make her stay. She felt threatened and scared after this and shook him off to get out of the car.

Officers reviewed video surveillance footage from the surrounding area during the time described by the student. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle she described.