Food for thought: Eating out in college


Chick-fil-a’s famous chicken nuggets.

There are several different things we aim for as college students: a degree, a job, etc. What seems to be the one thing I – as a college student seem to be aiming for on a day to day basis – is convenience.
Most of our days are pre-planned: class, hour or two of Netflix, sleep (maybe a part time job) – that’s the easy part.
The hard part for me is food. When do I eat? Where do I eat? Should I cook myself something? Will a bowl of cereal be enough for the day? What seems to be the trend for me is instant gratification. If I’m hungry on my way home from school and I see something that “sounds good”, nine times out of 10 I’ll pull in and eat there.

Spending money is the easiest way to deplete my bank account. The problem is, knowing this does not stop me from eating out. The easiest place for any type of social interaction in this area is sharing a meal.

Sure, you and a friend could join each other for a box of macaroni and cheese but why would you when there is a Chick Fil A on campus?

I realize this is both an unreasonable and unhealthy habit of mine, but at the end of the day, who can really overcome a Chipotle craving?