World news: 11 medical students may be in dangerous Syrian territory.

Medical students including 9 British students, 1 Canadian and 1 American may have crossed over into dangerous territory, according to Fox News.

Parents of the students are concerned as to where their children are, as they believe they may have crossed into Northern Syria, which is controlled by ISIS from Turkey.

British police as well as others are helping the families find out where exactly the students are.

The group of medical students were studying in Sudan, they then crossed into Istanbul, Turkey and are now believed to be in Syria doing voluntary work.

Over 700 Britons have traveled to Syria to join extremists, according to Fox News. One in which had showed up in several beheading videos that ISIS has sent around the world.

Families of the students do not understand how Turkey allowed this large group of students to cross the border and believe this needs to be stopped.

Authorities say they are trying to stop these young teens from traveling to Syria to fight and be apart of this inhumane group, according to The Chicago Tribune. However it doesn’t seem to be working out in their favor.