Police Files: February 6, 2019

A little police station accident

An officer in the Oakland University Police Station was opening the lock on the gun case when a few 2-by-4 wooden planks fell from above and struck him on the head. Some of the boards had nails in them, and the officer that was struck felt the top of his head and found it was bleeding. Another officer in the station assisted him in placing a gauze pad and a cool pack on the open wound. An injury accident report form was filled out.

Brilliant door-opening

An officer was dispatched to the vestibule between Dodge Hall and Hannah Hall to investigate a broken glass door that was called in by the Oakland University Facilities Management on Jan. 11. Upon arrival, the officer observed the broken glass door to be on the Dodge Hall building side wrapped in yellow caution tape.

While inspecting the broken glass, the officer noticed it looked as if someone attempted to kick the interior push bar, missed and put their foot through the broken safety glass. A dispatch was made to contact work control to replace the glass, and no suspect was found.

Lululemon laundry larceny

Dispatch was sent to Hamlin Hall to take a report of larceny from the south laundry room. Upon arrival, the officer was met by the student, who stated she had placed several items of clothing in the dryer of the south Hamlin Hall common laundry room at approximately 12:30 p.m. She said when she returned an hour later, she discovered two pairs of yoga pants were missing from the dryer.

The officer inspected the room, other machines and garbage, but was unable to find the items nearby. The student had no further information, and the suspect was unknown at the time of the report. The officer advised the student to contact OUPD if any further information became available, or if the stolen items were recovered.