Political Focus: Defending the right of the unborn

Tim Kandow, Contributor

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On the 46th anniversary of Roe v Wade, the New York governor signed into law an abortion bill that allows for a late-term abortion to be done up to the point of birth.

It also removes abortion from the state’s criminal code and allows for medical professionals who are not doctors to perform abortion services.

When the bill passed and was signed, the assembly chamber erupted into cheers and applause, and the World Trade Center was lit up pink as a sign of the great success for women’s reproductive rights.

Abortion is a medical process, which ends a pregnancy. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2015 there are approximately 638,169 abortions done in the United States.

Of these, approximately 7 percent were done due to health concerns. The rest of these reasons were simply due to the conveniences of the mother such as “not ready to start a family,” “not enough time for a child” and “I am done having kids.” Only 0.5 percent of reasons were due to rape.

This new legislation brings to light the ongoing debate in the United States ever since the controversial ruling back in 1973 of Roe v Wade.

When discussing abortion, what must be examined are the purpose or reasoning as well as the principles behind it. Above all, however, what must be questioned is human life.

Taking the life of an innocent person is wrong. Most people understand and know this, and would look down on anyone who was to do this. Abortion supporters would never admit to killing an innocent life. They call it a “woman’s reproductive right.”  

Take the reasons for abortion aside and examine the following question: Is it ever justifiable to take an innocent human life? Add to that, a completely innocent life who does have a voice in our world?

If abortion wasn’t the termination of life, then why must anything be done to the development of a fetus or tiny human? One doesn’t have to kill something that isn’t alive. The very act of abortion shows this “right” is in fact termination of human life.

If in fact a zygote, fetus, or “clump of cells” was not a life then there would be no need for an abortion to occur. Fact: everyone alive today had a mother who chose for their child to continue with the developmental stages of life within the womb. They chose life.

As we move forward in this crucial time in American history it is of the utmost importance we don’t confuse a right with the termination of innocent human life.

What occurs in the womb is simply a stage for a human to develop. If abortion is used, that human will never be a beautiful baby or curious toddler. They will never experience their most basic American and human rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Every pro-choice or abortion advocate alive today was born of a mother who chose life.