Track and field coach looks back on what brought her to OU

Jonathan Savich, Staff Reporter

Katrina Brumfield went from a collegiate track athlete at Mansfield University, to assistant coach at Youngstown State, and now she is in the midst of her first year as a head coach here at Oakland University.

Brumfield was born in Akron, Ohio, the hometown of LeBron James. But this is not where she spent most of her time growing up.

She grew up in Chester Springs, Pa. with her four brothers as the middle child. Her family has always been a sports family, with her dad and uncles all playing college football and spending some time at the professional level.

“You couldn’t help but be around sports in my family,” Brumfield said.

Brumfield grew loving basketball as much as track — if not more than track. When she was at Mansfield University, she originally planned on playing both basketball and track, but shortly after beginning her first semester, she decided doing only track was best for her.  

When she was looking for a career, she wanted to pursue something in the communication field since she had earned a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication. She eventually received a job in the communication field and gave it a try at a TV station, but after a year, was unsatisfied with her position.

All along, her colleagues, especially her old head coach and family, thought coaching would be best for her. Brumfield was unsure at first, but she has now been doing it for the better part of a decade.

Through her first year as a head coach at OU, her life is already a lot different than it was a year ago. Last year at this time she was still an assistant coach at Youngstown State. She stated it’s a bit of a change, but she embraces her new responsibilities.

“It’s a good change, I have ideas and I actually can put them to work,” Brumfield said. “I still remember my assistant days because they’re still fresh. I hope I keep that in touch as I progress as a head coach so that I respect my assistants, I listen to them, and I take some of their ideas and incorporate them.”

Brumfield is taking this year as a learning experience. She is continuing to get a better feel as a a head coach, and she hopes to take the program up another notch by next season. She believes being younger and highly energetic, she can bring something to the table other coaches don’t in the Horizon League.

“I’m excited to be here and I think the program has always been successful and I think we’re going to take it to the next level,” Brumfield said. “I love working at Oakland, this is the first institute that it doesn’t matter what sport you’re in, everybody is so supportive of what you’re doing.”

Brumfield and the team look forward to closing out the indoor track season strong and moving into the outdoor events.