Political Focus: Unpaid FBI agents agree to arrest Roger Stone

The advancement of the Robert Mueller investigation made another important leap on Friday, Jan. 25, despite the continued government shutdown. An indictment was issued for Roger Stone, the longtime adviser to President Donald Trump until 2016, on seven different criminal counts, including five counts of false statements under oath, one count of obstruction of proceedings and another count of witness tampering.

The indictment itself makes no mention of Trump’s involvement in the sabotage of the 2016 presidential elections, however Mueller indicated with this indictment that a senior campaign official was indeed directed by an unnamed person to contact Stone about information that would be damaging to the Clinton campaign, according to the court document.

After this document was issued, there came an odd problem — the FBI was not being paid as a result of the partial government shutdown. As a result, the officers that stormed his home at 6 a.m. on Friday morning were volunteers, armed and armored in full ballistic vests.

The impact of the government shutdown is something many have covered and, if the two failed House votes Thursday are anything to go by, will unfortunately probably be covered again. So, I will not spend too much time focusing on the ridiculousness of the statement “unpaid FBI volunteers arrest former Trump campaign aid.”

I will, however, focus on parts of his crimes that anger me the most. Stone, much like Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Fox News, loves to fly in the face of well-established facts without any sense of intelligence.

A few examples, just from this one event. According to Scott Thuman, chief political correspondent for Sinclair and ABC News, tweeted Roger Stone had not yet even read his own indictments as of Friday afternoon. This was after Stone had already performed a long radio interview and short press conference about the ordeal.

He did all of those interviews without even knowing what he was arrested for, and Stone has the audacity to say there is no way he would bear false witness against the president.

“I look forward to being fully and completely vindicated,” Stone said, without even knowing why he was there.

Sanders was quick to follow suit with the usual White House response, which is that Stone’s arrest has nothing to do with Trump, despite nothing in the indictment actually indicating Trump was in any legal trouble.

It’s like a child who obviously broke their mother’s priceless china, standing in the other room and repeating it wasn’t their fault and expecting that to make people less suspicious of you.

And finally, the Fox News headline out of left field that reads “FBI’s show of force in Roger Stone arrest spurs criticism of Mueller tactics.” The article that focuses on how the FBI were a little too rough with a guy who had a warrant out for his arrest probably doesn’t want your attention to be on the fact that someone so close to the Trump campaign just got arrested for obstructing a federal investigation. All of this language from so many sources that frustratingly dance around the real point of this arrest.

And, really, if Fox News is so angry about how the raid was designed to intimidate Stone and other guilty parties, maybe they should remember all the agents who raided his house did it for free.