Police Files: January 30, 2019

Fire alarm fiasco

Two officers from Oakland University Police Dispatch (OUPD) were sent to investigate an active fire alarm on Sunday, Jan. 13 around 10 p.m. One of the officers was flagged down by a student who stated she set the fire alarm off on accident while she was straightening her friend’s hair.

Auburn Hills Fire Department (AHFD) was not contacted for the false alarm. The windows were opened to remove the smoke from the room, the fire alarm was reset and all units cleared without further incident.

Microwave mistake

Dispatch received a smoke alarm from Hamlin Hall on the afternoon of Saturday, Jan. 12. Two officers were dispatched to respond. On arrival the officers located the resident outside of Hamlin. He said he was heating up some food in his microwave in his room and forgot about it, causing the smoke alarm to go off. The officers detected no odor or smoke and had AHFD cancelled. Dispatch was able to reset the alarm without issue, and the scene was cleared.

Chick-fil-A food poisoning

OUPD Dispatch received a call from a student stating he would like to request transport to the hospital on Tuesday, Jan. 15. He said he had been throwing up for the past hour.

When officers arrived on scene, the student said he had thrown up five to six times in the past hour and that he last ate at Chick-fil-A at around noon. He looked pale and started to feel lightheaded. Auburn Hills EMS arrived on scene. The student continued to throw up on his way to the ambulance and was transported to Crittenton Hospital.