Founders’ ‘PC Pils’ stands above the rest

Founders is perhaps the biggest brewery in Michigan, if not, at least the most famous in the state. And with Founders always adding new beers to its repertoire, it’s to no surprise they’re on top.

However, not everyone is a fan of their beer, but the fact is Founders has made some impressive and tasteful beers. Truth is, I’m not a huge fan of their beers, and I only really like maybe four or five in their selection.

“PC Pils,” an American hopped pilsner, is Founders’ original take on the classic pilsner style. It breaks away from Founders’ traditional recipe, making it a pleasant and well-made pilsner and one of the few beers I truly like and enjoy that is brewed by them.

“PC Pils” is the only pilsner style beer listed under Founders’ selection and is under limited or seasonal availability. You will most likely only be able to get your hands on this beer between April and July, according to Founders’ website. But liquor stores may have it in store past its seasonal availability.

At 5.5 percent ABV, this beer comes in cans and can be purchased in either a six-pack or a 15-pack. With only a two color palette, gold and brown, the design of the can is rather interesting. “PC Pils” is written big and bold within a square at the middle of both sides of the can with unique line patterns throughout the rest of the can.

When poured, it has a distinct aroma of grass and dry lemon. Aside from that, it gives off the typical citrusy, hoppy and piney smell most pilsners have.

“PC Pils” has particular taste that reminds me of Miller Lite, my go to cheap and all around beer. To me, Miller Lite is the classic pilsner and “PC Pils” emulates that same taste but it does it in a different way – the Founders way.

According to Founders’ website, “PC Pils” uses Piney Chinook, Cascade and Centennial hops, which are a different variety of hops that are typically used in pilsners. What this means is they gave the beer a more hoppier taste than normal.

Rightly so, unlike most pilsners, “PC Pils” is a bit hoppier than say Miller Lite. At first sip, the mouthfeel is carbonated and malty but crisp and light. It has a distinct sweet, grainy citrus flavor with some odd grassy and floral overtones.

While having a small amount of a bitter taste in the beginning, it does have a dry, smooth finish. You will also notice it has a piney aftertaste too, but it doesn’t affect the overall taste of it.

The name “PC Pils” is more than just a name; it’s a description of Founders’ take on what the traditional pilsner should be.

While the beer is characterized as a classic take on the pilsner, it actually moves away from the “classic” take on it and makes its own original and unique style of the beer.

Overall, I would rate this pilsner a 3.8 out of 5 stars. Founders is always trying to enhance the craft beer experience by adding new things to simple and original recipes. “PC Pils” is a refreshing and delicious beer that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.