Police Files: January 23, 2019

Rooftop welfare check

Oakland University Dispatch received a call from a student worried that another student was making suicidal statements on top of the Math and Science Center roof on Oct. 24, 2018. All units were dispatched to locate the student.

The officers received a text updating them the student in question was now in Hillcrest Hall, near the elevator. They were able to locate the student, and asked him if he was feeling OK. He stated he was on a call with his mom. The officer said that several people were worried about his welfare, to which he said he was OK. He said he was having problems dealing with his sexuality and the roof is his safe place, and he had been on top of the roof before.

When asked, he said he was not currently having suicidal or self-harming thoughts. The officer then asked if he would be willing to go talk to a professional at a hospital that night. The student said he already had an appointment with his counselor at Graham Health Center. The officer gave him his business card and told him to contact him by phone or email if he ever felt the need to talk.

Later that night, the officer that was in contact with the student called him and told him to notify OUPD when he arrived to GHC for his appointment. He agreed to call them when he arrived.

After some communications and further concerns with Oakland University Housing, the officer went back to the student early in the morning and offered to drive him to GHC when their offices opened at 8 a.m. The officer transported the student at the determined time, and in a follow-up interview with the student he said his family and coach were very supportive and he is doing better. The officer informed him he could call or email to talk with him in the future if needed.