Indoor Triathlon raises money for local charities

22 students took part in the triathlon, which began with 16 laps in the pool.

Local campus athletes competed against each other over the weekend in Oakland’s Indoor Triathlon held at the campus Rec Center. The event was open to Oakland students and faculty. Team and individual competitions were held at the same time.

22 students jumped in the pool at 10 a.m. on Sunday to begin the 750-meter swim, a total of 16 laps there and back. After exiting the pool, the athletes then did a 20-kilometer (just over 12 miles) bike ride on the stationary bikes, followed by a 5k run to round out the triathlon. A total of five teams ended up entering, with the rest competing on their own.

Athletes paid $20 individually or $45 as a team of three to enter. The proceeds were split between Athletes Unlimited and the Healthy Pontiac Coalition.

Ted Tansley, the Program Assistant for Club Sports, who organized the event, said the goal was to raise $200 total for the two charities. The event blew that number out of the water, raising well over $350.

Syed Murtaza, the club sports treasurer and sophomore psychology major, was among the 22 participants. Competing for the winning men’s team, Murtaza said he felt good about the event but probably wouldn’t be doing another triathlon for a couple months.

“It’s tough running on a treadmill, most runners will agree,” Murtaza said. “I was able to talk to people while I was running the whole time so that kind of got me through it. It was for a good cause.”

Murtaza was a varsity level runner for Troy High School and is now the officer of the Oakland running so he’s no stranger to competition.

Campus recreation encourages all students and staff to get involved. They post all events on their website at