Netflix series ‘You’ leaves viewers eager for more

Netflix added the first season of the Lifetime show “You” to its collection of must-watch shows. At around the same time, Lifetime passed the second season to Netflix, making “You” the new must-watch Netflix Original series.

The series is based on the book “You” by Caroline Kepnes and takes place in New York City. The second season will be based on Kepnes’ sequel novel “Hidden Bodies,” set in Los Angeles.

Penn Badgley takes on a different kind of role compared to his well-known role of Dan Humphrey on “Gossip Girl.” Badgley plays Joe Goldberg, an obsessive bookstore manager with a couple of secrets to hide. At the beginning Joe began to stalk and obsess over a girl that he came across while he was working at the bookstore: Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail).

Beck and Joe quickly get into a passionate, yet toxic relationship. Beck is the typical girl in NYC with a dream of becoming a writer, and in Joe’s mind she deserves so much more than what she has.

Joe obsesses over keeping Beck safe and taking care of her. He researches who she truly is and learns everything about her and her daily routines. He takes things too far and tries to protect her from everyone that ever hurt her. Beck will soon piece together parts of Joe’s past, including his ex-girlfriend, and begin to question everything about him.

The voice-overs of Badgley explaining what Joe is thinking gives the viewers a gateway to understanding what he is truly like and how obsessive he is toward Beck. They also add a dark and mysterious aspect to the show.

Throughout the series, the audience is trying to piece together what exactly happened between Joe and his ex-girlfriend, Candace Stone (Ambyr Childers). With clues for what could have happened, the mystery of the events helped keep the series binge-worthy.

One of the main focuses in the series is how much social media plays a part in people’s lives, showing how everything you do, everywhere you go and everyone you know is online. How else would Joe find out all of his information? The audience can take into realization how much of their lives is truly online and how dangerous that can be. In a click of a couple of buttons on the show, characters find exactly what or who they were looking for.

Another terrifying part of the show is how toxic the relationship is that Beck and Joe share. Following her to all her events, checking her emails and text messages, watching her through her window and never having any true trust in her could be related in some way to anyone in a toxic relationship and can become a real eye-opener to viewers.

All 10 episodes keep the audience on their toes waiting for what Joe will do next, how far he will take his obsession and  what price he will pay for it. The series has a lot to offer with all the ups and downs and a great story line for viewers to follow.

“You” is something everyone should binge-watch to get a sense of the toxic relationship signs that are shown and experience the plot-twisting ending that deserves to be seen by everyone. The last episode of the series leaves the audience hanging and eagerly waiting for season two.