Reducing stress and restlessness during exams

Sélah Fischer

If you’re restless, can’t even remember what day it is and recite definitions in your head before sleeping for a couple hours, you are most likely a victim of exam week. However, there is hope considering there are ways that are said to actually help reduce stress and restlessness during exam week.

Here are a couple things to try:

  1. Exercise
  2. Listen to soothing music. This helps keep focus and reduces stress.
  3. Take a break. Too much studying is never good. Your mind still needs mini breaks from it.
  4. Power naps
  5. Surround yourself with bright colors. This not only motivates the mind, but helps reduce sleepiness.
  6. Study with friends. When you surround yourself with others in the same boat as you it will motivate you and make studying more enjoyable.
  7. Chew gum. This helps the brain stay awake and more alert.
  8. Eat foods such as berries and granola bars. Light snacks keep the brain going and reduce sleepiness.
  9. Take deep breaths. This will keep you alert as well.

10. Water, water and more water.