Looking Back: God comes to OU, and Oakland Student gets shot at after failed drug deal

God Comes to OU September, 1988

A 19 year old Rochester Hills man was arrested on campus in August 1988, after allegedly assaulting a police officer. That man had no identification and refused to tell the arresting officer his name, only identifying himself as “God”.

After a suspicious person was reported walking around campus, OUPD officer David Birkholz went to look into the issue and came across the individual, whose name was not revealed in The Oakland Post.

The man that said he was “God” reportedly did not have any identification and refused to cooperate with officer Birkholz. Eventually the man became aggressive, and managed to run away from Birkholz in this initial encounter.

This was the start of a cat and mouse game between the aggressor and OUPD, with “God” being caught again on Meadowbrook Road, but again running away from Birkholz after striking the officer in the face.

“God” was finally caught near Graham Health Center. As he was being handcuffed, he yelled out he was “God”, and “no cops would f— with him”.

Oakland student gets shot at after failed drug deal March, 1987

A student told the Oakland University Police Department that he was shot at after a drug deal involving LSD fell through.

According to Mel Gilroy, the assistant director of Public Safety at the time, the student was a middle man in a drug deal gone wrong. Apparently the student has received 10,000 to 15,000 hits of LSD from one party and then delivered them to another party.

The student went on to say the first party shot at him because the student did not have the money from the deal.

Gilroy added he did not know for sure whether or not the incident happened, and the only evidence was the student’s statements.

“Friday night is a busy night on campus. We had patrolmen cruising campus who didn’t hear any gunshots and students who were out that didn’t hear any,” Gilroy said. He went on to add that the student had a history of mental health problems, and there may be a chance the student was making up the story in order to get attention.

However, Gilroy also said when speaking to the police from the student’s hometown they revealed he was known as being a dealer when he went home on the weekends.

Gilroy informed Oakland County narcotics officials of the deal, and to keep their eye out for large quantities of LSD just in case.