Police Files: Nov. 28, 2018

Vending vandal

An Oakland University Police Department officer was dispatched to Dodge Hall where a vending machine was vandalized on Monday, Oct 15, 2018. The officer arrived at the vending area near room 200 and observed the only candy and snack vending machine in the area had a broken front window.

Glass fragments were visible on the floor. The officer observed an impact mark roughly near the center of the window and all the glass was gone from the triangular area between the impact and the two upper corners.

In that area, the officer observed three whole rows of candy snacks were emptied, rows D4, E7 and E9. Strangely enough, only row D4 was reachable through the broken window-both E rows were unreachable without breaking more glass.

The officer notified the vendor company and advised the vendor company of the damage. A maintenance tech was dispatched to repair the machine.

In the meantime, the officer taped two garbage bags over the machine to dissuade anyone from reaching in and possibly injuring themselves. At the time of the reporting, the value of the damaged property was not yet estimated.

Oh my gourd

After an Oktoberfest celebration for Oakland University Housing, a pumpkin rolled down the hill behind Oakview Hall on Saturday, Oct 27, 2018. The pumpkin rolled into oncoming eastbound traffic on Walton Boulevard.

The pumpkin struck a red Dodge Charger and damaged the undercarriage of the vehicle. An officer arrived on scene to assess the damage, and saw the driver was unharmed. The officer informed the driver that they could contact OUPD if they had any additional questions, and the driver left the scene without further complications.