Police Files: November 13, 2018

Sorry for the confusion

The Bear Lake nightwatch station in Vandenberg Hall called the Oakland University Police Department (OUPD) dispatch on Tuesday, Sept. 25 at approximately 9:30 p.m. According to the nightwatch worker, there was a subject that was on the persona non grata (PNG) list.

Two officers arrived on scene, and one of them recognized the subject. They asked him to stay seated on the bench near the nightwatch station while both officers checked the PNG list.

While waiting for the subject’s identity to be recognized, both officers spoke with the subject, who remembered speaking with them last year about a similar situation. At that time, he was not an OU student.

The officers asked the nightwatch station attendant to pull up the PNG list and show them the entry — the list confirmed he was persona non grata. However, the subject said he was now living on campus and did not have trouble earlier in the year with the nightwatch station.

At this point, the other officer said the dispatcher back at OUPD could not confirm the subject was still persona non grata. At that time, the officers entered the liaison office so they could check the PNG list. They decided to call the assistant director of Housing about the issue.

The officers were told the subject was supposed to be on the “do not sign” list, but due to a clerical error he appeared on the PNG list. The assistant director said she would resolve the issue. No enforcement action was taken due to the misunderstanding.

It was my mom, I swear!

Officers were dispatched to Fitzgerald House for an odor investigation of marijuana on Sunday, Oct. 14. They were advised by dispatch that Housing was on the scene and would meet them at the nightwatch station.

Officers arrived on scene and made contact with the resident assistants and the subjects. The officers asked the resident of the room if they could enter, and the subject gave consent. The student was with her mother.

There was an observable odor of marijuana in the room. When asked, the mother said that she had smoked marijuana at approximately 9:30 p.m. off campus in Pontiac.

There was no enforcement taken, and the mother was reminded not to drive under the influence. The matter was then turned over to Housing.