Nepal Earthquake predicted but not prevented

A 7.8 magnitude Earthquake hit Nepal on Saturday killing around 3,954 people in Nepal, India and China.

Power outages, pounds of rubble, over populated hospitals and devastated families fill the land as a result of this horrifying quake.

Nepal is located where the Indo-Australian Plate pushes itself beneath the Eurasian Plate. As the plates push, pressure builds and eventually results in a devastating Earthquake such as this one, according to The Huffington Post.

The plates are still pushing into each other each year, which makes this a key spot for quakes. However, this particular Earthquake is said to have been predicted, but this does not necessarily mean it could have been prevented.

The quake is part of major troubles that have been foreseen by researchers. In fact, some had even warned others that this exact event would take place in the area.

The quakes are so regular in this are of the world that experts believe it was due for another one, but with the plates constantly interacting it’s scary to think that it’s only a matter of time before the next act of destruction.